In a country in which people can form a company in minutes over the internet, it’s amazing to us how many asset searches proceed on the basis that you only need to look for property owned directly by a person.

So often, we find that someone can truthfully state at a deposition that he owns


The debtor, whose family lives in Brazil, claims to have no foreign investments.  He mentioned years ago that his family had some rental properties in Sao Palo, but you have never seen them, and you don’t know exactly where they are located.  You suspect that he may be a part owner.




Last week, a Tennessee judge fined Oprah Winfrey’s father, Vernon Winfrey, $70,000 in legal fees as punishment for bad behavior during his divorce.  According to the judge’s decision, Mr. Winfrey used some fairly complicated maneuvers to avoid splitting the value of a barbershop he owned with his soon-to-be ex-wife while at the same time